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Parent Council meeting Sept. 2019

School Council ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Minutes - September 23, 2019 

Meeting called to order: 7:04 pm 

Attendance: Sarah Lougheed (Pies), Vicky Hill (VP), Michelle Roy (SEC), Tara deBruyne, Erin Gargas, Kristie Gomuwka, Angela Moulton, Erin Smilar, Danica Warren, Mark Mans (PRIN), Kandel Vick (TEACH) 

  1. Minutes of September 1, 2018 were reviewed. 
  2. Presidents report: Fruit baskets went well last year and there is money left over to start the 

program again this year. Sarah L. has applied again to Cenovus for funding for this program. 

  1. Vice President report: nothing to report 
  2. Secretary report: nothing to report 
  3. Treasurers report: not available 
  4. Principal report (Mark M.): 
  5. Enrollment numbers are up and budget has been set b. Grade 8 tours were well received c. First day assembly - Focus and Planning for future d. Grade 12 Grad I Parent meeting on October 21 e. Welcome back BBQ was a HUGE success' f. Academic Flex program was discussed g. Pacer Success Centre - well used, have full time staff in place and 2 side rooms are now 

complete and ready to use h. Accountability Pillar from 2018-19 was reviewed i. School Board visit on Oct 10 at 10:15am! School Council Rep (PRES) invited j. Parent!Teacher interviews will be on Oct 17 k. First Community Flex Day will be on Oct 22 

  1. Teacher Report (Kandel V.): 
  2. Sports Teams: up and running are the Volleyball and Cross-Country Running teams! 

the Golf team sent 3 members to zones, one of which is moving on to Provincials b. First Science field day is Oct 1 (winter study, fishing study) c. Environmental Science weekend is at PCHS on Oct 4 (Mr. Andersen) d. Palisades Fall Trip Oct 21-24 topics are Wildlife and Navigation 

  2. President: nominated Sarah Lougheed - accepted - all in favor b. Vice President: nominated Tara deBruyne - accepted - all in favor c. Secretary: nominated Michelle Roy - accepted - all in favor d. Treasurer: nominated Erin Gargas - accepted - all in favor 
  3. Signing Authority: 
  4. A motion was made by Vicky Hill to remove current Treasurer-Linda Rig uidel from 

the signing authority at the ATB Financial and to add the new Treasurer-Erin Gargas onto the signing authority. Motion was seconded by Michelle Roy. All in favor. ii. A motion was made by Vicky Hill to keep the current President-Sarah Lougheed 

and the current Secretary-Michelle Roy on the signing authority at the ATB Financial. Motion was seconded by Tara deBruyne. All in favor. 

Open Floor: Meeting Dates were discussed and will be held at 7pm in the Pacer Success Centre as follows: 

Oct 15 (Tues) Jan20 (Mon) Mar16 (Mon) May 19 (Tues) Nov 18 (Mon) Feb 18 (Tues) April 20 (Mon) June 8 (Mon) Dec - No Meeting 

Notice will go out it there are any changes to the above dates. 

Meeting adjourned by Sarah L. at 7:57 pm 

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