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Study Tips

PCHS Offers Study Tips for Upcoming Exams

With the approaching diploma and PAT exams in January, Parkland Composite High School would like to give students an extra support with their studying over the break. The following is our top ten list of ideas to make their pre-exam journey an easier one:

Pick a Time and a Place that Works for You - This should be a space that is quiet, comfortable and distraction free. You should choose a time when you can best focus.

Study a little bit every day - Studying a little bit every day allows you to bring the concepts and ideas up in your mind often and therefore allows you to store the information more effectively.

Plan Your Study Times - Make a schedule that is reasonable and stick to it.

Discover your Learning Style - Discover which style of learning best works for you and utilize that in your studying.

If you learn best through listening you can read your notes aloud, talk with others about the subject area or record key points on your personal device and listen to them back.

If you learn best through visuals you can color coordinate your notes, draw diagrams, thought webs and timelines to help you remember key concepts and ideas.

If you learn best by doing you can try such things as role playing or building models.

Review and Revise - Work with friends or family to quiz you. Make study materials that will work for you and your learning styles.

Take Breaks - It is important that you take brain breaks to refresh yourself. Step away from your study area and move throughout your break to get yourself ready to work again.  

Ask for Help - Ask for your teachers, fellow students or parent for help on concepts you did not have a clear grasp on. Flex and Excellence Course are a great time to get help from your teachers. Forming a study group with friends can be a great way for you to work with peers.

Stay Motivated - Consistently work on your studying over time and do not get discouraged. Keep to your schedule and don't leave things to the last minute.

Snack on Brain Food - You can snack on nutritious foods and water while studying. This can aid your concentration and memory.

Take care of yourself - You will perform best on tests and quizzes when you are healthy and well rested. Practicing self-care will also help you to manage during stressful times such as exam week




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